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Licking Township Trustees:  Joseph Hart, John Holman, Dave Miller


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A country road between neighbors is never too far.  Be a good country neighbor!

We invite everyone to step into our website and have a look around at all of our interesting information!  Be sure to check out when our next Township Trustee, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Zoning Commission meeting is scheduled by selecting the Calendar page!


Township meetings are held every first and third Monday of each month and located at the 9384 Jacksontown Road,  Jacksontown, Ohio 43030.  If the meeting day falls on a holiday, the next day is the scheduled meeting unless otherwise published or posted on the door of the Township Hall.   All Licking Township Trustee meetings begin at 7:30PM.

Tree in Road: Please contact any trustee below at the Licking Township Hall or Township Garage, 6864 National Road,  Jacksontown, OH 43030.  Telephone Number:  740-323-0724.
Trustee Hart: 740-522-5120 Cell:740-404-4719
Trustee Holman: 740-323-0755 Cell:740-404-4721
Trustee Miller: 740-323-3550 Cell: 740-404-4720
Licking Township Contact Information
Joseph Hart, President,
Board of Licking Township Trustee
5211 White Chapel Road
Newark, OH 43056
Resident: 740-522-5120
Cell:  740-404-4719
email: hartjs@windstream.net
John Holman
John Holman, Vice President
Board of Licking Township Trustee
8228 Licking Trails Road
Thornville, Ohio 43076
Resident: 740-323-0755
Cell:  740-404-4721
email:  johnholman48@yahoo.com
David Miller
Board of Licking Township Trustee
7550 White Chapel Road
Newark, OH 43056
Resident: 740-323-3550
Cell: 740-404-4720
email: davemiller43056@yahoo.com
Andrea Lynch, Licking Township Fiscal Officer
PO Box 222
Jacksontown, OH 43030
Resident: 740-323-2400
email: alynchlickingtwp@yahoo.com
Rae Johnson, Licking Township Zoning Clerk
7011 Licking Trail Rd.
Newark, Ohio 43056-9173
Resident: 740-323-3528
Cell: 740-361-1601
email: rjohnsonltzc@gmail.com
Zoning Inspector:
For Permits and Zoning Questions:
Forrest Cooperrider, Licking Township Zoning Inspector
2453 Ryan Road
Heath, Ohio 43056
Resident: 740-522-8192
Cell: 740-404-8262
Licking Township Fire Company Chief
Mike Wilson
74 Park Drive
Hebron, OH 43025
email: ltfc@windstream.net
Licking Township Asst. Fire Chief
Ron Walsh
6826 Fairmont Road SE
Newark, OH 43056
 ●Fire Prevention Officers:
Mike Briggs
6800 Jacksontown Road
Heath, OH 43056
Brian Davis
5178 Ridgley Tract Road
Newark, OH 43056
Licking Township Garage
6864 National Road
Jacksontown, OH


Postal address
6864 National Road, P.O. 222, Jacksontown, OH 43030
Electronic mail
General township questions and information: hartjs@windstream.net
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