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Attention: Licking Township Residents and Property Owners

Licking Township is an active member and partner in Licking County’s Storm Water Management Program known as Licking County MS4 Consortium.

For additional information below please find the following Ohio EPA and Licking County brochures.

Joseph Hart is Licking Township’s MS4 representative and may be reached at 740-404-4719.

Please contact Mr. Hart if you may need to report a suspicious or illicit discharge into a storm drain, stream, or township road ditch.

Location of LTWP Recycling Bins:

New Location due to fire station construction:
LTWP Fire Co. Station #1
6800 Phil Linn Parkway
Jacksontown, OH  43030





Recycling & Litter Prevention
Location of LTWP recycling bins:
LTWP Fire Co. Station #3, 9384 Jacksontown Rd., Jacksontown, OH 43030      
Items That We Recycle! 
Please mix all accepted items together into the containers - no separation required!
Place all your newsprint including all inserts, magazines, catalogs, and phone books. Do not leave soiled paper, such as paper plates, for it attracts pests and cannot be recycled.
All cans (Aluminum, Steel and Tin) will be accepted in the bins. Please empty, rinse and crush your cans to help save space and help prevent pests from being attracted to the containers. Aluminum cans are typically used as beverage cans. Steel cans are often referred to as "tin" or "bi-metal."
Please recycle all your plastic bottles and containers that have a neck on them or that have a base wider than its top (no matter what the number of plastic it is). Plastic lids are acceptable. We do ask that you please empty, rinse and crush all your plastics to help save space and to help prevent pests from being attracted to the containers.

No Plastic Bags Please! Please take them back to your local supermarket for recycling.
Corrugated Cardboard/Paperboard
This will include most of your boxes. "Corrugated" consists of two flat layers of material with a wavy layer in between (such as moving/packing boxes.) "Paperboard" is flat and thin, and is used for items such as cereal boxes. We are also accepting clean pizza boxes – please remove the greasy insert. Please break down all boxes by unsealing any flaps and pushing the box flat. This will allow for additional recyclable materials to be placed in the recycling containers.
glass Glass
You are finally able to recycle glass! Please carefully place all your glass bottles and jars, of all colors, into the recycling containers. We do ask that they are empty and any lids are removed to recycle separately. Please NO window glass, glass cups, or light bulbs.
carton Cartons
Please place your cartons and juice box containers into the bins. We do ask that you please empty, rinse and crush all your cartons to help save space and to help prevent pests from being attracted to the containers. Please remove and recycle plastics lids separately. Please No Straws.




Children's Toys


Plastic Bags

Food Stuffs

Items From Commercial Operations

See http://www.lcounty.com/rlc/frmitems.aspx for more details.

Please take a moment to read this information for proper recycling within Licking Township and Licking County.  'Your Guide To Recycling In Licking County'.

Thank you for your support!

Click here to view the Brochure - Your Guide to Recycling Items in Licking County

See 2008 Photos Below


2008 Photos



Roadway Cleanup Section Map
Note: Trash bags and gloves available.

All litter cleanup volunteers must read and follow these basic safety tips. 
Do park vehicles at least five feet beyond the shoulder of the road.
Do wear light or brightly colored, protective clothing as well as gloves (for your protection, Licking Township will be providing surgical gloves to protect your hands from toxic substances) and hard-soled, substantial, high-top leather shoes or boots with good ankle support.
Do wear sunscreen.
Do wear a long-sleeved top and long pants.
Do face oncoming traffic while on foot and look up often to monitor approaching vehicles.
Do work on one side of the roadway at a time.
Do limit trash pickup to the area within the road right-of-way only.
Do stay alert for snakes, poison ivy/oak, and other noxious insects and weeds.
Do be prepared to move out of the way quickly in an emergency.
Do watch your footing. Stay off loose stones and steep slopes.
Do tie the tops of the trash bags securely (don’t overfill-use a new bag). It makes it hard for the crew picking up all the bags if they are not tied closed.
Don’t attempt to overfill, compact or stuff trash bags. Injuries from broken or jagged objects may result. Fill bags with what goes in easily, then, start a new bag.
Do pile the debris that will not fit in a bag in a safe location as you move down the roadway - not one large pile.
Do place filled and tied trash bags at least three feet beyond the shoulder of the road where Licking County Litter Prevention Office personnel can easily retrieve them.
Do provide proper adult supervision for children at all times. No person under the age of 15 is allowed to assist unsupervised in litter removal from road rights of way; however, persons between the ages of 12 and 15 may participate if there is one adult present for every eight participants in this age category.
Do return unused supplies to your section co-leader.
Don’t pick up discarded syringes, hypodermic needles, firearms, and ammunition or drug paraphernalia.
Don’t over-exert yourself. Drink plenty of water
Don’t wear radio or tape headsets, which could interfere with hearing oncoming traffic or other potential hazards.
Don’t horseplay or do anything that will distract passing vehicles or other volunteers.
Do wash your hands after the cleanup. 
REMEMBER: Always be alert and safety conscious when working around a roadway. The ultimate success of this program depends on the safety of its participants.
Waiver of Liability
Except for the negligent acts of Licking Township, its agents and employees, the volunteers or their agents shall assume all liability for, and save the Township, its agents and employees, harmless from, any and all claims for damages, actions or causes of action arising out of the work to be done herein. Any and all volunteers of the group, or other persons, while engaged in the performance of any work of service performed under this agreement shall not be considered employees of the Township, and any and all claims that may or might arise under the Worker’s Compensation Act of Ohio on behalf of said employees or other persons while so engaged, and any and all claims made by any third party of the group’s volunteers or other persons while so engaged on any of the work or services to be rendered shall in no way be the obligation or responsibility of the Township.
I have read and agree to follow the guidelines for removal of litter from roadways.
Name of Individual:_______________________________________________
Mailing Address:_________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________
Name of Group:___________________________________________________
Group Contact Person:_____________________________________________
Date: __________________


Postal address
6864 National Road, P.O. 222, Jacksontown, OH 43030
Electronic mail
General township questions and information: hartjs@windstream.net
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