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Licking Township Trustees:  Joseph Hart, John Holman, Dave Miller


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Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting is tentative. Contact Zoning Clerk to verify if meeting will be held.

Licking Township Zoning


ZONING INSPECTOR: The zoning Inspector is responsible for enforcement of the zoning resolution. First, he is responsible for issuing all zoning permits and assuring the township that all permits are issued within the confines of the zoning resolution. Second, he is responsible for referring requests for variances to the resolution to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Thirdly, he is responsible for responding to all complaints of zoning violations, and taking the necessary actions to eliminate those violations, which includes referring such violations to common pleas court hearings.

ZONING COMMISSION: The Zoning Commission is responsible for the contents of the zoning resolution. Their job is to keep the zoning resolution up to date for the protection of the township as a whole. For these purposes the zoning resolution not only includes the text, but the zoning map as well. The Zoning Commission proposes to the Township Trustees any changes to the text or the map as they determine to be in the best interests of the township. The Trustees then, after public hearings, must act on those proposals. It takes a unanimous vote of the Trustees to reject a proposal of the Commission, but only two votes to accept a proposal. After a Trustee acceptance of a proposal, the public by petition in accordance with State of Ohio law may request a referendum vote on that proposal. If no referendum is requested the proposal goes into effect, and must be enforced by the Zoning Inspector and the Trustees.

BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS: The Board of Zoning Appeals is responsible for determining whether Zoning Resolution variances fall within, or outside, the intent of the Zoning Resolution. If the Zoning Board of Appeals votes to accept the variance as within the intent of the Zoning Resolution, the Zoning Inspector issues a zoning permit.  Meetings held the third Thursday of each month if a variance is before the board. 

ZONING CLERK: The Zoning Clerk will assist with the overall process of Zoning Management for Licking Township by processing the application process of all zoning and variance requests.  In doing this process this position will help the applicant with the process, and assure that all regulations and legal aspects of the position are followed.

Zoning Commission Members:

Dale Wise, Chairperson
538 Avon Place
Thornville, OH 43076
Doug Howell, Vice Chairperson
194 Roberts Dr SE
Newark, OH 43056
Corey Enders
5787 S Fork Rd.
Heath, Oh. 43056


Clifton Clark
276 Wilshire Dr.
Hebron, OH  43025
Dale Ours
4636 Linnville Rd. S.E.
Newark, Ohio 43055
Andrea Lynch, Licking Township Zoning Clerk
8332 Licking Trails Road
Thornville, OH 43076
Resident: 740-323-2400

Licking Township Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Members:

Doug Price, Chairperson
4252 Linnville Rd.
Heath, OH 43055
Cell: 740-644-6039
Robert Hansberger
7775 Hupp Rd.
Thornville, OH  43076
Cell: 614-206-4818
Huber Loewendick
4248 Linville Rd.
Newark, OH  43055
Robert Johnson
7011 Licking Trails Rd.
Newark, OH 43056
Cell:  740-641-6838
Roy Hurt
225 W. National Dr.
Newark, OH  43055
Cell: 740-973-6808
Paul Ripko
P.O. Box 79
Jacksontown, Ohio 43030


Postal address
6864 National Road, P.O. 222, Jacksontown, OH 43030
Electronic mail
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