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Licking Township Trustees:  Joseph Hart, John Holman, Dave Miller


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Mosquito Control Information
This link from the Ohio Department of Health discusses some of the bullet points listed below concerning how to avoid mosquito bites and also addresses tick issues.
What can I do to help prevent mosquitoes from breeding around my home and in my neighborhood?
·         Fix holes in the ground that collect and retain water.
·         Fix outdoor spigots that leak and cause puddles.
·         Keep your house gutters clean and clear of debris.
·         Look for items in the yard that collect and retain water such as children’s pools and buckets.  Drain these items of water and turn them over.
·         Consider drilling holes in any flower pots or garbage cans that naturally collect and hold water.
·         Clean blocked ditches so water flows through them and does not become stagnant.
·         Clean your gutters.
·         Repair any compromised door and window screens in your home.  Keep your screen doors and windows closed. 
·         Keep vegetation such as high weeds trimmed short.
·         Keep your property free of waste items such as cans, tires, etc.
How can I protect myself from mosquito bites?
·         Dress in light-colored long sleeved shirts and pants.  (Remember that clothing is a protective layer that discourages mosquitoes from biting!)
·         Consider using a personal insect repellent that contains DEET.  Be sure to read and follow product application directions.
·         Avoid the use of scented products such as perfumes or colognes.
·         Avoid areas that have high populations of mosquitoes.


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